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    Lightroom is really slow on the new best MacBook Pro 15inc


      Helppp please,


      I'm a event photographer and my old MacBook Pro (13inc late 2011 I7 8 Ram) was too slow when editing in Lightroom so I bought the newest  MacBook Pro 15inc I7 2.7 16 Ram but its still almost at the same speed of my old MacBook when using Lightroom and I don't understand what am I doing wrong, I changed once the MacBook it self cause I thought it may be a problem with only this MacBook but it didn't helped.

      I started using 1:1 smart previews also didn't helped so much. I watched a lot of youtube videos of how to speed up Lightroom but nothing helped. I have 43000 photos on my catalog but also when I tried using a new catalog it didn't helped.

      Every time I go to the next photo it takes time till it loaded then I'm pasting my preset and it also takes lots of time when I want to crop or change some settings its has like 1-3 seconds delay and I need to edit like that thousands of Raw's.

      All the Raw's that I'm editing are stored on my MacBook's SSD.


      What can be wrong?