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    ColdFusion 11, Update 12 breaks Flex remoting in some cases...

    Laurence MacNeill Level 1

      I have an Adobe Flex app that I've written, and of course I occasionally need to call remote procedures on the server sometimes.  We use ColdFusion 11 on the server-side to handle these remote calls.


      When I install Update #12 on ColdFusion 11, I get the following error when I make a remote call:
      faultCode:Client.Message.Encoding faultString:'Creation validation for class 'flex.messaging.io.ObjectProxy' failed.' faultDetail:'null'


      It only seems to happen when I send a complex data-type (like an Array of Objects) to the remote function.  It doesn't happen when I'm just sending strings.


      Also, I'm using a secure channel when I make the remote call -- don't know if that might be the difference or not.


      Please let me know if I can provide any further information to help track down the root of this issue.  I'm happy to provide any logs you might need, or whatever.  Just let me know.


      Laurence MacNeill
      Ball Ground, Georgia, USA