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    save the local adjustment data in a preset ?


      i have made myself some nice brushes i want to use as overlays but when i store the preset, its doesn't save the brush points , or the masks... it does save the gradiant filters and the radial filters... but not the brush!!! .. Surely you must be able to do this???? If it exists I cant find a way or am i stupid?


      thanks in advance!!



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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          AFAIK only the actual settings of the sliders are saved. No brush strokes are included.

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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            LR won't let you create presets containing Adjustment Brush settings, but using a text editor and a free plugin, you can create them yourself.  It's a little tedious, but it works.


            1. Install the free Show Catalog Metadata plugin. (For installation instructions, use the similar instructions here.)


            2. In LR, create a new preset named "Brush" with no settings.


            3. Select the photo with the adjustment-brush settings and do File > Plug-in Extras > Show Catalog Metadata > Show.


            4. Starting with the line "PaintBasedCorrections = {--table:", copy all the lines that are indented underneath that one.


            5. In LR, right click the preset you created in step 2 and select Show In Finder / Explorer.  The file "Brush.lrtemplate" will be selected. Open that file in your favorite text editor.


            6. In that file, look for these lines:

            settings = {
                ProcessVersion = "6.7",


            Paste the lines you copied in step 4 between these two lines and save the file.


            7. Restart LR.


            8. Now the Brush preset will add your adjustment-brush settings to a photo.