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    Managing Keyword


      I have an original RAW file in Lightroom which has a keyword applied to it.  I now edit this image in Photoshop and save it as a .psd file.  It correctly appears in Lightroom next to the parent RAW image.  It also has the same keyword applied to it, i.e. it has inherited its parent's keyword.  So far so good.  HOWEVER, if I now select all images having that keyword applied to it, the edited .psd image is not selected, only the parent RAW file.  BUT if I exit Lightroom and start it again, the .psd file now appears when I select that keyword.


      Further information is that this only occurs if the keyword is a sub-category of a main keyword.  For example, the main keyword is "Trossachs" and the sub-keyword is "Loch Lomond".  The problem occurs if I edit an image with the keywords "Trossachs" - "Lock Lomond", but not if the image has two separate keywords which are independent,