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    Unusable Lightroom Mobile - endless crashes (Android)

    s222ney Level 1

      Currently paying for Creative Cloud Photography pack so I can use Lightroom on the move on my Sony Android tablet.


      It is bad enough that I can't view and review the photos from the memory card with an OTG card reader. But, when I try to import new Canon RAW files into Lightroom Mobile, it freezes then crashes. EVERYTIME!


      It'll render a dozen or so thumbs when I open a directory of 400+ images but when I try to scroll down it hangs then crashes.


      What am I doing wrong?


      If this were a free app, fine but I'm paying for this apparently badly written software which is appalling!


      Also shocked that Lightroom Mobile is unable to function as a basic RAW viewer and that I have to waste time importing into a collection before I can view properly in the first place.