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    Contradictory compilation messages and !chm_tmp_folder_0


      What I understand from other posts in this forum is that if everything goes well during a compile, the !chm folder goes away after the file is successfully compiled. Mine does not go away, and it seems to contain a duplicate of everything in the root help folder, which is just wasting space as far as I can tell.


      When I compile, I get an HHC5003 Error stating that compilation failed while compiling a specific html file that I simply cannot find in the folder. The "file" appears to be a URL. After the error, I get a message that the file did not compile, but I also get "Compilation complete."


      The help file works just fine and I cannot figure out how to resolve an error about a file that does not exist.


      To be complete, what happens in the output view is that while RH compiles the .chm file it lists  the .HHC and .HHK file, then the HTML files, the GIFs, and PNGs. This is what shows up after that:






      HHC5003: Error:

      Compilation failed while compiling http:\www.kla-tencor.com\lithography-modeling\chip-prolith.html.


      Processing keywords...

      Generating full-text search data...

      Compacting file system...

      The following files were not compiled:



      Finished compiling HTMLHELP in 166 sec(s)


      Compilation complete.


      I can categorically tell you that the www URL is a valid URL, but it does not appear anywhere in the help file and the "chip-prolith.html" file does not exist. Neither file appears in the !chm folder either.


      I will appreciate your thoughts on how to resolve this HHC5003 error. I'd also like to know if it's safe to simply delete the !chm folder in the meantime.