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    skinClass and Flex Libraries

      My scenario:

      I have a flex builder workspace with the main flex application, and many flex libraries which are linked to the main flex app.
      One of that libraries contains the assets, styleSheets... it's the theme library.
      In the stylesheet file of this library, there are some styles defined which use the Embed(skinClass='<whatever>') directive, this skin classes are in a swc file created with flash. This swc file is added to the build path of the theme library.
      Some of this styles are used in the main flex app.

      When I try to compile the whole thing, I got a "class for skin '<whatever>' not found" error from the main app.
      If I compile the theme library only, i got no errors.

      The only solution I've found is to add the swc file to the build path of the main app.

      But, and here is my question: I don't want my main flex app to depend on the swc file. Is there any way I can accomplish that?