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    Problem with camera moving scene top left


      The camera seems to shift to the top left from time to time... And then I delete the camera layer and re do the camera again. First 6 times I thought I was accidentally doing something to shift everything that distance, but now, I'm am pretty certain it might be some bug... Has anyone else experience this? Is there a fix? I've noticed this problem since 2 updates ago...


      If anyone could help me on this I would be very grateful.



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the op here  Camera problem save/open file described a similar problem but wan't able to articulate the steps needed to reproduce the problem.  see if you can shed some light on this so it's reproducible, even if only intermittently.

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            majeles Level 1

            Yeah it seems that person was having the same issue.


            To describe the problem more in detail:

            All the camera layers and key frames (not the scenes with no camera layer) will all shift the same distance to the top left by a certain distance.


            I spent some time trying to reproduce the problem but couldn't get it to happen at will... I will continue to work on the project normally and try to see what triggers the problem...


            This maybe completely irrelevant but I also noticed that switching from scene to scene, it'll default to the most bottom-right view. So I have to zoom out to look at my scene... Not sure if that is normal or could be a clue to what triggers the problem.

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              majeles Level 1

              So the problem happened again when I reopened the project file. The only thing I did since the last time it was good and normal was, created new scenes, copied symbols from prior scenes, paste symbols from prior scenes, broke apart symbols, created duplicate symbols, created new symbols, and edit symbols.


              I tried reproducing the problem on a similar version of my project (Once in a while I do a "save as" instead of save and make a new file):

              all I did was copy symbols from prior scenes, paste in place the symbols, and broke them apart and created new symbols.


              then I went back to the prior scenes to see if the camera shifted... nothing shifted... So I saved and close project and program.


              I then reopened the program and project file and I then looked back on the prior scenes and then the camera shifted. Something happened either at the moment I saved, or when I loaded the project file...


              I tried reproducing the problem on a new simple project file. I created symbols, etc... made camera movements, created new scenes, copies and paste in place symbols on to new scenes.... saved-close and reopened.... etc... but I could not reproduce the problem in that way...


              I think this happens to big project files with large resolution sizes and many symbols...

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                nitins41702265 Adobe Employee

                Hi majeles,


                We are able to reproduce the issue and working to fix it. In the meantime, as a workaround, if you are using camera in a project, please make sure it is enabled while save and closing the fla file. Please don’t save a fla file with camera in disabled state.

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                  Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee


                  Fix for this bug is now available with the latest Animate update ( You can install this update using the Creative Cloud desktop application. Please try it out and let us know if you still face any issues.


                  If the update does not show automatically, click on the gear icon at top-right corner of the Creative Cloud application and choose 'Check for App Updates'.