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    Import catalog does not change file name


      I've been experimenting with ways to do some editing (just selected files--say a vacation) on my laptop.  Exporting the photos I want to edit to another Lightroom catalog either to an SD card or OneDrive folder works okay for most things.  However if I change the file name in the export catalog (okay it's a bad habit, I used to do this to keep track of which files I'd edited when I started with PSE) when i import the catalog back into my desktop, while Lightroom does figure out which photo it is, it doesn't change the file name.  Any way I can do this?


      I've tried both change metadata and change metadata and import changed files.  I do have "preview" checked and the changed photo selected.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          "Export" is not the process you are looking for.


          When looking to move edits from one catalog to another, you want the "export as catalog" and "import from catalog" options in the File menu.


          When you "export as catalog", you can specify to include the actual files or not. Either way, you will want to have renamed your files prior to the export. (Renaming the files for your reason is a bad idea to start with.)

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            shuttleguy1706 Level 1

            I did use export as catalog.

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              D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

              If the only reason you change names is to identify the images you have edited then you can accomplish that after you bring the changes back to the main catalog.

              Immediately after importing they will be available in the Previous Import collection the Catalog Panel. Then you can rename them.


              If you choose to keep a copy of the files with no edits make sure you select "Preserve old Settings as Virtual Copy." upon import.


              Screenshot 2017-05-16 23.20.48.png


              However, I feel there is a flaw in your workflow as I understand it. Allow me to offer an alternative.


              From the desktop catalog, Export a given set of images and select the following


              Screenshot 2017-05-16 23.32.42.png


              this way you will be able to edit the images (as they are smart copies) without duplicating files. Then when you're ready to import them back to the desktop catalog you need only select Metadata and Develop Settings.

              Then perform names as required, if required and while you're at it create a collection of those files that have been edited.

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                shuttleguy1706 Level 1

                Thanks for your suggestions.  I will have to change my workflow if I want to use the laptop.