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    Simplifying Generic Navigation Script

    andyulrika_is_back Level 1

      I have a navigation script which is displayed below..

      I attach it to my text members and it prompts for a marker name, I select the marker name from the list of markers that displays - fine.

      Now, I have a very large menu of marker names within my score. So, when using this behaviour the list of markers becomes very large and it takes me a long time to find the desired marker. I have tried to just copy the behaviour from 1 text member to the other and try to change the name in the Behaviour tab of the Property Inspector. When I try to do this the marker name reverts to 0.

      Is there anyway I can adapt the code so that I can just enter the marker name here within the property inspector.

      I hope I've explained it well enough.

      Any help much appreciated.