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    Problems with Paypal Payment, no customer service


      So here is my problem:


      I have a monthly photography Subscription, and I chose the option to pay with paypal. The first moth was paid without problem, this month I received an email telling me that there were some problems with the transaction. Obviously before anything else I controlled all my data, and everything was correct. Then I followed the steps suggested to solve the problem, and confirmed that there is nothing wrong with my credit card, that I have enough funds on it etc. Then there was written that with Paypal Issues to contact Paypal. Which I did. And I got the confirmation that the problem is on Adobe's End, and paypal can't do anything to resolve an issue that does not depend on Paypal. The permit to Adobe to get paid automatically on the "Automatic Payments" Section of Paypal is active, obviously, in case you were wondering.


      Next step is to contact Adobe. First, the Customer Service Chat is down. Second, the "Telephone Customer Service" is : first, only in english for my country (Italy), second, the first times the costumer service ends the call without responding, after trying again finally someone responds, but the line is so heavily disturbed that I cannot understand a single word the operator is saying. And no, that does not depend on my phone, I did calls to the Philippines for the Paypal Customer Service and everything went perfectly well. So since I cannot use the chat, and I cannot call, I have to ask here how to resolve an issue, that depends not on me, not on paypal, but on Adobe.


      Is there a way to resolve the issue? Please don't link me to your support  page, that's where I came from.