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    Open multiple smart objects in ACR from Photoshop layers?




      Have recently shifted to working with smart objects to get the full benefits of a non-destructive workflow. Have managed to get multiple raw files into a PSD easily enough using a script from Bridge so all is fine there.


      Am wondering though if there is a simple way to open multiple smart object layers back into Adobe Camera Raw for easy re-tweaks of colour? You'd think (hope) it'd be a simple case of selecting a handful of layers from the layer pallet and getting the same "Open in Camera Raw..." option you get in Bridge? Not the case though.


      For example, I have a PSD with 20 smart object layers created from raw (.NEF) files. At this stage I have to double click on each layer individually to open it in ACR then select "Previous Conversion" to sync its colour with one of the layers I adjusted.


      Any thoughts? I realise ACR isn't scriptable so am I asking for something that doesnt exist yet? Should this be a feature request? I am working with CS6 but have also delved into CC to see if the option becomes available somewhere. No joy though, hopefully I'm missing something.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance that might come my way!


      (attached is an example of the ACR window missing what I'm after... the left of the panel displaying multiple images altogether.)

      ((I just grabbed a handful of unrelated jpegs to demonstrate this... I'm definitely not working with jpegs!))

      ACR window (multi).jpg

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          If you open a Raw into Photoshop as smart Object layer.  The Embedded or Link object is the original RAW file or a copy of the RAW file in the layers embedded object. You can reopen a smart object layer object by doubling clicking on the smart object in the layers palette.   However it is only possible to click on one smart object at a time.  If the smart object is a raw file it will open in ACR you can make changes and click on OK and the smart Object will be updated in the smart object layer and new pixels will be rendered for it. It is not possible to reopen more than one at a time.


          If you have configured Photoshop to open Jpeg and or Tiff  image files through ACR and you open the file as  Smart Object  you would see the same behavior as RAW file with  these image files.


          You can place in multiple  Image  file into a Photoshop document as a smart object layers one at a time.  So you can have multiple objects in a document that are image file again your can only reopen one at a time.

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            Warmturtle Level 1

            Thanks for your reply JJ... so short answer, no, not possible.