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    Export default settings

    justin_pdx Level 1
      I'm using Fireworks CS 3.0

      How can I set the default export settings to be jpeg, 100%. Not just for a batch of images, but as the program default for any image that I want to export. This is how I export 99% of the time and if I need something else I can change that one instance.

      many thanks,
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          JoeDaSilva Level 4
          First you'd want to create a custom export setting. Open up the Image Preview dialog (File > Image Preview). Set the export setting to 100% quality JPEG. Now press "plus" icon under "saved settings". Give the setting a name that makes sense, ie: 100% JPEG OF THE RECKONING and press ok to save.

          Now press ok to close the dialog. If you now click to anywhere that's *not* an item, or press ctrl + D to deselect everything you'll see the canvas settings. Underneath the canvas size and color settings in the property inspector you can select your new export setting. Now when ever you right click on a slice and choose "export selected slice", it'll default to your custom setting!

          Hope that makes sense.