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    Using LR Mobile to review and delete

    Stephen Dewey

      Is it possible to use the mobile app to review shots and eliminate non keepers from the desktop import/catalog ?

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi StephenDewey,


          No, Lightroom mobile is more likely used for editing while you are travelling. You can sort your images using the start rating and sync it to the main catalog. You can remove images only from the Lightroom catalog.




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            Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Yes, you can do what you asked, but not exactly as described.


            Lightroom Mobile has ratings and flags, so you can assign star ratings or Pick/Reject flags to any photo that's synced to Lightroom Mobile. You can't delete photos from the desktop directly from Lightroom Mobile, but you definitely can delete them with just one more step:


            1. In Lightroom Mobile, apply the Rejected flag to photos you want to delete. This setting will sync back to the photos on the Adobe server. When you get back to your desktop computer and start Lightroom there, it will sync down all the ratings and flags you applied in Lightroom Mobile.
            2. Now, in the Lightroom desktop application, choose Photo > Delete Rejected Photos, and every photo with a Rejected flag will be moved to the computer's Trash and removed from the Lightroom catalog.


            For me, there is no difference between how I eliminate images in Lightroom on the desktop or in Lightroom Mobile. In either, I'll make a pass with Reject flags first, then check to make sure I didn't mark something as a Reject by mistake. Then, in Lightroom on the desktop, I finally delete them all at once with the Delete Rejected Photos command.

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              Stephen Dewey Level 1

              Thanks for replying so swiftly and explaining.

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                Stephen Dewey Level 1

                Hey Conrad, thanks for this clear explanation of how to achieve what I was talking about. I had a feeling the technique would be something like this, I think it will work just fine, the extra step is pretty straightforward. There are so many moments during the day away from the desktop where one could be cleaning up the catalog and using the mobile app will absolutely make that possible.