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    Importing .mp4 into AE CS6


      So I've scoured the internet trying to find a suitable answer and have yet to find one...


      I've got .mp4 files that I've created using nVidia's Shadowplay software. I've been able to import and edit them just fine in Adobe Premiere Pro, however, when I go to import them into AE, I get an error: after effects error: overflow converting ratio denominators


      My question is, from what I've found online, everyone is suggesting to convert the file to .mov or .wmv or .mpeg2 and import that...I don't want to waste 20+ hours converting these clips over and over to just edit them and convert them again. Is there a better way of doing this, is there a codec or a plug-in I need to install to make this work?


      I do not have K-lite codecs or any other 3rd party codecs installed on my system outside of what VLC or Adobe has installed.




      Adobe CS6

      Windows 10 Pro x64


      32 GB RAM

      GTX 1080

      3.5 TB SSD

      16 TB HDD

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You can run a quick transcode in Handbrake or similar ffmpeg-based tools. This doesn't take hours. AE simply cannot support the accelerated nVidia CoDecs natively (yet) due to its technical inner workings.



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            jons47676885 Level 1

            Does CC support this or is there an ETA for this? Shadowplay has been out for years...the fact it isn't supported is very surprising.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              AE is a professional compositing program, not an editing tool. Therefore for argument's sake I see no reason why it needs to support every CoDec on the planet. There was a time when al lit handled were Quicktime files and image sequences. Whether or not current versions will ever support this stuff is a question only the devs can answer, but honestly, making presentations for game footage work is probably not foremost on everybody's mind. You are simply expecting AE to do something it was never meant for and it's old and creaky architecture has serious limitations for that kind of work. So for what it's worth, better get used to those extra steps or change your recording procedures to use standard CoDec settings and produce usable files in the first place.