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    Day4, Exercise 4 - Request Help

      I'm working on the changing states exercise, but have run into a problem. According to #32, I am supposed to see the state change when I click the login button, but nothing happens. I have reviewed the code, scrapped it and started over a few times, but cannot get the change state to work for me.

      If no on else is having a problem getting that to work, I'll spend more time reading/reviewing/re-trying, but if there is an error in the instructions, I would like to save some time here. I tried the debug, but for some reason when I try to step through the code it keeps trying to find a disk. I have no disk as I downloaded the application. Not sure what's going on there. So, I am at a loss.

      I peeked at the solution, but the solution appears to have updated the code as the exercise goes on, and this section no longer is at the same spot where my problem is.

      Any comments?