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    Annotation on Android tablet not allowed despite having the permission




      I am facing this issue where a secured file can be annotated on Acrobat Reader on Windows but not on android version of Acrobat Reader.


      I am running the following

      Adobe Reader version
      Windows 10 (1607)2017 Release | Version 2017.009.20044
      Android 7 on Tab S317.1.1


      The file permission seen on Acrobat Reader on Windows.

      acrobat permission commenting.JPG

      The error message displayed on Acrobat Reader for Android when I try to annotate the same file.



      In this case, I can clearly annotate the same file on Acrobat Reader on Windows so permission issue can be ruled out.


      I suspect this might be a bug on Acrobat Reader on Android and hope fix will be released soon. I read pdf files on my tablet and the ability to annotate is important for me. Thanks.