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    AE with Cinema 4D lite slow redering


      My System:

      Windows 7 Professional 64bit

      CPU: Intel Core i7-4930K @ 3,4 Ghz (6 cores)

      RAM: 64GB DDR3

      GPU: Nvidia Quadro K2000

      Mainboard: ASUSTeK SABERTOOTH X79

      Premiere Pro CC 2017.1 Build 11.1.0 (222)

      After Effects CC 2017.2 Version (latest updates) with Cinema 4D Lite R16

      Cinema 4D Renderer: Standard (final)


      My problem:

      I made an 3D Text animation with lights, shadows and reflexion in Cinema 4D lite. Back in AE the preview and the rendering is very slow: would need approx. 3h fpr 533 frames. The GPU is not used. How can I accelerate the preview/rendering w/o lossing quality? When choosing the c4d renderer OpenGL instead of Standard (final) the GPU will be used but the result is not the same as with Standard (final): some background and shadows are missing.



      animated 3D Text (1920x1080 50p) with texture, 6 lights - shadow (5x raytraced, 1x shadow map soft), 1 camera, reflexion (depth: 2),

      Preview in After Effects CC: fps: 0,05 - 0,085/50 (no real time)

      GPU usage: 0%, CPU usage: 100%, RAM usage: 7,3 GB of 64GB (57,9 GB for AE, 6GB for other applications)