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    OT:  Stand Mounting Speakers

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

      Is anything Off Topic in the Lounge?  Probably not.  I can't think of a good place to ask this other than maybe one of the DVInfo forums.  All Things Audio perhaps?


      I use a pair of Mackie Tapco S5 monitors for my computer sound and video editing.  They are a bit OTT, but they do a damn fine job.

      I might need to use these in a PA set up for my Camera Club later this year, and I have it in mind to mount them on heavy duty light stands.  I'll make a couple of brackets like below (I belong to a Menz Shed with metal working equipment), but my question is can I safely screw these brackets into the base of the speakers?

      (Drawing done with SketchUp)


      I'm guessing that the speakers will be made of MDF, and you can get screws specifically for MDF (and they are lovely shiney things that Gollum himself would treasure).  I can't think of any reason this would affect the sound, but I am definitely a bit nervous.  If speaker base is not thick enough for the screws to get a good hold, I could remove the main driver and use nuts and bolts right through to the inside.  The speakers weigh 8.5lb each, so the base must surly be a good 25mm thick.

      I could attach the brackets to lipped wooden shelves with a retaining strap (they don't need to look pretty).   This would be a better solution from the point of view of putting them back behind my computer monitors.  If anyone knows about this stuff, I'd be pleased to hear their opinion?  Or failing that, a forum where I could find some experts at this sort of thing?