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    Renaming images


      I imported a wedding into its own catalogue, and built 1:1 previews and smart previews, culled, sorted into folders and renamed. Since then I have culled again, and then just renamed starting from 0001 (to reduce image numbers when delivering to client) and it seems some of the previews have jumped folders most probably where for example  image#1322 of a cake in the "reception" folder is now showing in the "shoot" folder.


      Does this mean I have to rebuild previews etc to correspond with their updated file names?

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Nickthake,


          Rebuilding the previews should be the best wat around this problem, How many folders do you see have jumbled the previews?




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            Bob Somrak Level 6

            I have ran into this problem in the past if you have overlapping names during a rename. For instance if you have files 1 2 4 6 8 9 and and rename them to 2 3 4 5 6 7 the files get renamed correctly but the previews can get out of sync.  I very seldom resequence the file names (only for relatives) but have avoided the problem by renaming once to 20 thru 70 and then another final rename to 2 thru 7 and without the overlaps the rename/previews stay in sync.  I think this is a long-standing glitch.  I do rename every file from IMG_1111.CR2 to 5D3A-1111.CR2 as an example to prevent duplicate files names but never resequence.

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              NICK.THAKE Level 1
              • Hi Bob, thanks mate, you have proven i'm not going mad. think i will just rename all something different, then rename to what i was intending in future instances. Think I have it sussed tonight. Regards - Nick