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    Exporting different bleed depending on the page



      I've just received the printing spec for this project. I'm not an expert in printing unfortunately. It's a 105x210mm guide.
      I have to export it in single pages, they asked for 3mm bleed in the outside but not in the inside, (and in all sides for the cover).
      My question is: how can I set this differences in the final pdf? Because the "inside" is sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left, depending on the page of course.

      If I export 3mm of bleed on all the sides, I think the crop marks will be wrong for the insides, am I wrong?

      I could export 1 pdf with all the pages that goes on the left (with 0mm bleed on the right because it will be the inside), and 1 pdf with all the pages that goes on the right (with 0mm bleed on the left side), but I'm sure there must be a correct way to solve this problem. Can you help? Thanks


      left page.PNGright page.PNG