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    Я не могу войти в свой аккаунт на Адобе шток


      In connection with the merger of Fotolia with Adobe I used the account Adobe. Now I can't log in to this account, appears the following entry:



      "We noticed that you sell your images on the Fotolia website.



      Now Fotolia is part of Adobe Stock, so you should sync your account.



      Fotolia by Adobe



      Log in to continue.







      I forgot(a) my password"



      After I entered the password, the following entry appears: "the Selected account is already in use."

      Further, I have no action can not produce, everything is blocked. According to Fotolia my record is synchronized in September 2016. It's been about a month. Please help. My user ID on the Bank of Fotolia 203828983. With respect Galina Tolochko.