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    IDSC5.5 GREP style problem with non-lining/oldstyle figures

    Iain Robinson Level 1

      Hi all


      We have a job we are typesetting in Bembo and we need to change the start of the figure captions to bold. "Fig.12 Blah..." to "Fig.12 Blah..." and I thought a GREP style would be perfect for this as all the captions are styled with the same para style. NB The figures are styled using Bembo's "Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures". I've done this sort of thing before so I created a character style which was "Bold Oldstyle Figures" and used the following GREP style in the appropriate para style; Fig\.\s\d+


      "Fig. " changes to bold but not the number. If I select the number it shows that the character style is being applied to it (at the foot of the Char Style panel) but the font has not actually changed from "Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures" to "Bold Oldstyle Figures". Just to prove I was not going mad I changed the char style that is being applied to be magenta and sure enough the figures become magenta as per the char style but the font specified by the char style is not being applied;


      If I use the same GREP expression in Find/Change to find the text and apply the same char style it works as expected. I'm confused - can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I know I could do this using Javascript or manually using Find/Change but this has to be applied to multiple documents on this and future jobs and GREP styles really is the most efficient way to do this, if possible.