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    InDesign PDF - Batch droplet.


      I would like to create a Droplet that would create PDF's from InDesign docs. - either individually or batch.


      When a InDesign doc is dragged to the droplet...the the script would:


      open the doc.

      create a PDF using Adobe PDF preset.

      save the PDF result to specific location on the network.

      then close the doc.


      sounds fairly straightforward but i am new to InDesign and not the best script writer (nor have i ever designed a droplet lol)


      any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you in advance

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          There is a plugin made to print.

          Product Overview [axaio]

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            Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

            Both are excellent options here. And BTW, you may want to consider Zevrix Output factory too.

            Automate InDesign printing and exporting | Output Factory


            Once that said, and hence my post, one may need to understand why some products are paid for and some free, and what some may offer compared to others.


            Peter's script is undoubtedly a tremendous product which is free mainly because Peter is a great guy. I think that he could make its script paid for without issues but it's another debate.

            So Peter's script sticks (unless I am wrong) to the "export" routine so one can basically export with parameters one can find in most export dialogs. There is no extra option such as specific renaming or layers management.

            If you are just into exporting, BatchConvert will be totally fine.


            OutputFactory adds layer management and preflight on the fly while sending the file onto a FTP folder or Amazon S3 server. Those extra features explain the jump in prize.


            Last but not least MadeToPrint is a rolls of batch exporting the file as it was mostly designed for large file workflows in the press industry. You will find most of the outputFactory options plus ability to communicate with K4 publishing system and also preflight/edit the file so it's nicely set for production.


            That was to explain the differencies in terms of prices and features. Now it's up to you to see what is a concern to you and which product will fit your requirements.





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              Trevorׅ Adobe Community Professional

              Regarding the actual question of how to make the script and the droplet.

              The droplet can easily be made with applescript or vbs depending on Mac /  Windows os.

              I've made droplets for both and it's no big brain teaser.

              The principle is you do something like in applescript



              on open the_files

                     repeat with a_file in the_files

                             set myFilePath to (POSIX path of a_file)

                             set myScript to myJSXScript(myFilePath)

                             tell application id "com.adobe.indesign"

                                    do script myScript language javascript

                             end tell

                     end repeat

              end open


              on myJSXScript(myFile)

                     --Write you jsx script here start with return

                     -- other the " stait after the return and at the end of the script escape " marks like this \"

                     return " // opening quote

                     // Between opening and closing quotes \" is js -- see we escaped this one

                     // to include the applescript string we use quotes and the applescript &

                     var myDropletFile = '" & myFile & "'; // between these 2 quotes are applescript


              " -- closing quote

                end myJSXScript



              Open the applescript editor if your on Mac

              You paste the above in a new document and save as and application.

              Then give it a test.

              Then change the line alert(myDropletFile); with the javascript you need to export the files.
              There are umpteen examples on the forum of how to export. Try staring with Peter's


              If your on Windows then you do the same Idea just in a Windows language. VBS is a simple options you can google vbs droplet, if you have problems then drop a post.





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                Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

                Be aware though that using a droplet is not legal concerns free. EULAs stand that the licence owner only can use teh software for automation purpose. Under no circumstances that droplet should be used to have colleagues or external users to have you indesign desktop licence to run the export if they own a licence themselves.

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                  Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Hi Loic,


                  just a footnote on this.



                  There is also an obscure feature—at least it's obscure to me—to convert an InDesign document to PDF using Acrobat DC.

                  Overview of PDF creation, Adobe Acrobat

                  Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe Illustrator (AI), and Adobe InDesign (INDD) files

                  File > Create > PDF from File or Tools > Create PDF (single file) Within Acrobat, by choosing PDF from File.

                  Drag and drop From the desktop or a folder on to the Acrobat DC window or icon.


                  You have to pick "Adobe Formats", that's not mentioned in the article, to have access to InDesign documents in the file system.
                  Then you have the choice to get to the "Settings" option. Another option, "Use Adobe Create PDF cloud service" is grayed out. Maybe because I never subscribed to Document Cloud?


                  Unfortunately my Acrobat DC is always crahing when I try to access the "Settings" option :-(

                  And if I do not go to Settings nothing will happen after chosing an InDesign document and press Open.

                  Very obscure, as I already said.


                  To my surprise what worked was using Acrobat's File > Open… dialog chosing an InDesign document.
                  As soon as that, a progress bar is showing that the document is uploaded to Document Cloud.

                  Hm. Why is that? I did not subscribe to Document Cloud. Just to Creative Cloud. Another obscurity…


                  But to my surprise the InDesign document is opened as PDF after conversion through a remote server process with Document Cloud in my Acrobat DC. At that time the PDF is saved to a temp folder deep in my user folder on the Mac.


                  Using Acrobat's Preflight function would successfully convert that temp PDF file to a formal PDF/X-4 entity.

                  However, I did not find out how to configure that process beforehand. So this workflow is worthless. The result PDF will not honor overprinting objects for example. Just tested this.



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                    Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

                    Hi Uwe,


                    Thanks anyway for letting us know. Who knows if Adobe can make a decent tool out of it in the future