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    Adobe Sketch does not respond: who can help me?


      Dear savers of the day (hopefully),


      I am working in Adobe Sketch, and all of a sudden it does not respond any more. Not to my fingers, nor to the Apple Pencil. Can some one please help me with this?





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          digivox Level 1

          Check that you do not have "Paint Inside" turned on. To check tap on the active layer you are trying to work on. This will bring up the options for that layer. At the bottom is the option "Paint Inside" make sure that it is off (the slider is to the left). If it is on you will only be able to paint or draw inside of any mark that is already on the layer.


          I found this out when I was trying to used "Paint Inside". I thought I could draw any closed line, like a circle or square and then color the inside and it would not go outside of the closed line. That is not what it does. it just means that the only place that you can paint or drawn on is on the actual LINE that you previously drew.


          Hope this helps.

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