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    Settings to get tvOS simulator ANE platform appleTV-x86 to be used in IntelliJ and iOS Simulator build configuration

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      What works fine:

      I am successfully building an ANE that supports tvOS, and like you can do on iOS, I am successfully building both device and simulator platforms into the ANE: "appleTV-ARM" and "appleTV-x86" (like you can do for iOS building for both platforms "iPhone-ARM" and "iPhone-x86").


      I am using IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1.2, and there is no issue actually building an .ipa and deploying to the AppleTV device directly using a custom Apple iOS SDK target: /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/AppleTVOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/Ap pleTVOS.sdk .

      Even running in debug mode in IntelliJ works fine with actual device hardware and the ANE works too, including the "appleTV-ARM" platform correctly.


      What doesn't work:

      Additionally, I am trying to setup IntelliJ to run the AppleTV Simulator to include the proper "appleTV-x86" platform when it builds the .ipa.

      Setting up a build configuration choosing iOS Simulator and setting the SDK to: /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/AppleTVSimulator.platform/Developer/ SDKs/AppleTVSimulator.sdk does in fact work to launch the AppleTV simulator.

      (If you had no ANEs in your AIR app you would be done and fine).

      However, trying to include an ANE and run on the Simulator generates errors because for some reason, the platform "appleTV-x86" is not getting included in the .ipa but instead the "iPhone-x86" platform (I looked inside the resulting .ipa contents to confirm this).


      As I said, this doesn't happen when using the 'iOS device' / 'Package AIR Application' builds, but only when trying to use simulator mode.


      Anyone know of a trick or extra build setting within IntelliJ to get "appleTV-x86" included instead of "iPhone-x86"?


      I mention this here just in case this is a current limitation that might need addressed in the AIR 26 Beta SDK itself as opposed to a limitation in IntelliJ IDEA.