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    InDesign could not package the document 'DocumentTitle.indd". Cannot copy the necessary linked file(s)


      Hi There,


      One of our users is getting the below error when trying to package most files on a server hosted in another office. If we move the files to a local server or on the local machine they package just fine. When searching the forums for this error I've mainly seen suggestions to remove special characters from the linked files, however I can confirm that there are no special characters in the links, this is evident given that once they have moved locally they will then package with no problem.


      It's also worth mentioning that I've asked other users local to the other offices to package the same document/location and it works fine, when those users come over to our office and try again they get the error.


      This suggests to me indd is having a problem packaging over the WAN.

      I contact the adobe support line and was told that this was a limitation of InDesign and that lots of people have reported this issue.


      So my question is this. If there isn't a solid fix (please tell me if there is) then what is the quickest workaround?

      Copying the file locally to package isn't always ideal as it means we have to re-create the links, sometimes there's only a few and it's ok, but some of our documents have a lot of links so it's not really feasible.


      Many Thanks