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    how to integrate HTML output with ASP.NET c# ?

    M3ssaf Level 1

      i have a help project created with RoboHelp 2017 , HTML Output .. i need to integrate it with my Web App (ASP.NET C#) ,

      i checked the manual , and followed the steps ,

      Copied RoboHelp_CSH.cs into the Solution,

      tried to add a reference for MSXML2.DLL but it wasn't there (i run Windows 10) so i downloaded it off the internet ..

      but i'm still getting issues like "using HHCTRLLib;" this library is no where to be found and i even can't find it on the internet

      even the RoboHelp_CSH.cs file which the manual instructed to fetch from the RoboHelp installation folder is full of errors and undefined references

      please advice ..