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    lens correction jpg photos

    Giovannivolontè Level 1


      may i ask a question ?

      normally i shoot raw

      but i have many jpg photos taken with phones and cameras


      i'm used to work with lightroom cc (2015.10 /6.10 ) or photoshop cc 2015 & 2017 , i use lens correction  (lens profile )and in same case the trasform tool (in camera raw or lightroom)


      well i want to correct some jpg photos with photoshop

      i have lens correction plugin

      my questions is :


      and is there a way to use the trasform tool without using camera raw filter?


      2) is there a way to correct distortion without using the camera raw filter?



      could be a silly question but in the past i have watched a tutorial that achieve the same results of trasform tool (camera raw) using guides

      just would learn how do it