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    Acrobat 9 Pro and straight .swf to PDF conversion

      I have an electronic document that is several .swf files, one file for each document page. Using cutepdf I can put each file in firefox and then print the the page to pdf. This is very tedious since I have 1000+ pages. I would prefer to speed this process up with AA9.

      I have Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. When I try to create a new PDF from the .swf file I get some dialogue that treats the .swf as embedded content. This puts an annoying play button at the bottom of the converted page and makes it incompatible to view in my iPhone or other handheld devices. It would seem that AA9 treats the .swf as .swf and doesn't convert it to .pdf like cutepdf does.

      I have to believe that AA9 can ignore the media type of .swf and straight convert the content in the .swf to .pdf without treating it like I want to embed it as a flash file inside a pdf. How is this done? Thanks in advance.