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    DOM section low constrast


      I'm learning Dreamweaver. I worked through a couple tutorials without problem. Recently created my first site (locally, not published). I'm having some strange behavior.


      First of all, Live View seems not to be updating well with my changes to CSS. Frequently Live View doesn't reflect my changes until I close Dreamweaver and restart it. This is not at all like the demo, in which Live View changed instantly with the CSS.


      Dreamweaver crashed once. Again, nothing like this happened in the demo.


      Also, when I select things in Live View, frequently the entire DOM panel becomes kind of grayed out and low contrast, along with a few blue elements. Changing what I select in Live View might change the blue lines, but it won't alter the fact that all entries are low -contrast. Only when I select something in the code panel does the DOM view return to normal.


      EDIT: I was just deciding I would start from scratch in creating my site, when I recalled that during the process of working on it the first time, I moved the site root folder. Maybe this is related.