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      Hi all, my issue involves both after effects and premier pro. A friend of mine stabilized a shaky 4k shot in after effects. Then he sent me both the after effect composition (in which he stabilized it) and the original shot which i didn't have, but when I open the AE composition, it doesn't read the 4k shot. I tried to import it in AE but it doesn't automatically stabilize it as i supposed it would do.

      This AE composition  was part of a film i 'm editing on premier pro and obviously it doesn't work when i try to open it there. Also, it appears as an extremely small square in the middle of the screen and not at its original size. I guess this may be easier to fix, but don't know how to.

      In the past, i always worked with the original AE composition (in my film on premiere) from my friend's harddrive which worked, but now i'm in a different continent and cannot have it.

      Do you have any suggestions on how to fix any of these problems?

      Thanks so much!