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    Errors of Permission

      Hi Everyone

      First post so please be gentle. We have built a site using Contribute (I think v3 is used by client now) and he is receiving intermittent permission errors on certain files. He will attempt to open a file and be told it is open by another user and therefore cannot be amended, the next day the same file will be fine, with no permission errors. Now one of the people that he is getting the errors about is me, and I am not logging on at all so I know that is not an issue, has anyone had the same issue, and if so can you recommend a solution. Server is accessed via FTP to a standard Windows/ASP box.

      Many thanks

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          radsraman Level 1
          Hi Pete,

          Editing a draft in contribute creates a .LCK file in the server which is used for preventing multiple users from editing the same page at the same time to avoid corruption of the draft. If the user gets the info bar that someone is editing the page means that an .LCK file is present in the server. Please check in the server side if any lck files are present for the files for which you get the messages.