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    Muse images intermittently not loading and random positioning errors


      Hi all!


      I am a relative newbie to muse and I am having a few issues once my sites have been uploaded to the host.


      When the sites are viewed in the muse previewer they appear to be fine, however when they are published and viewed online in browsers (multiple checked) I am getting odd positioning errors then some images loading and some not then occasionally I am get the dreaded some files may be missing error. I am running the latest muse (2017.0.2) I have tried deleting the entire site and uploading the site fully again, I have tried using "web safe" fonts and I have also created second site with no custom code and I am still getting the same problems.


      In summary 50% of the time the website load fine. when refreshing or reloading I get the odd image not load up or the occasional image positioning error or very occasionally the some files may be missing error


      I know this is  wide spread of problems but I just cant seem to figure it out and I have replicated this on 2 different pages.


      FYI I am using Filezilla to upload ALL files and overwrite ALL files every time


      Any help would be appreciated


      Thanks Ryan