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    Trying to follow tutorials on luminosity but bits are missing

    Skeledrummer Level 1


      I don't know if this has been asked before because I didn't really know how best to narrow my keywords down. I am exploring the use of luminosity masking and have successfully re-edited a few pictures that I'm significantly more proud of as a result. However, I have looked at a few tutorials now that give you a number of instructions and then tell you to go to the channels tab (no problem there) and they then have a list of different brightness channels under the four initial ones. I cannot, for the life of me, work out how to get these channels to appear. On each of the tutorials they just exist.


      Am I not seeing it because that is one of the major changes that have been made for CC, or CC 17? I don't have the confidence or knowhow to expand luminosity masks beyond what it automatically chooses for me. I like to shoot at night or very late in the evening, especially by the sea to create fluffy waves and I have generally failed to get anywhere close to what I want as an outcome. I have been trying to learn luminosity masking as I thought it might be one way in to making those improvements. Any help anyone can give would be hugely appreciated.