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    Model releases.


      My model release is valid for one photo in the set but the others say I need to fix the release?  How is that possible? 

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          Reviewers are manually checking the release with each upload. We have a large team so it's possible one moderator caught something that was missed by another. What is the image number of a rejected file? I'll be happy to take a look.



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            Warrenstowell Level 1

            Thank you for your help.  So there are quite a few that are on hold but one was accepted.  File ID:  152128133,152128026,152127862,152127722,152127706,152127530,152127513,152127434,152127348 ,152127263.  And then I had a second set that all but two were held up by the release.152280037,152279795. Thank you for your time.



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