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    export from hell

    mikefromoakland Level 1

      working with panoramic high rez images i was exporting to only 10% jpeg and received strange behavior art board export using "export as"

      legacy is very very did i say "very" slow but works

      export from hell.png


      win 10 pro

      Adobe Photoshop Version: 2017.1.1 20170425.r.252 2017/04/25:23:00:00 CL 1113967  x64

      64gig ram

      titan x nvidia

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          Bahaar Khan Level 4

          Are you saving the jpeg on a network?

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            Bahaar Khan Level 4

            Photoshop is known to take much longer to save multi-layer .psd files than flat ones. If your file is too large, you can flatten it. Flatten the file as a test you'll find it will take about 1/10 as long to save.  Of course, that's impractical in the general sense.

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              Stephen K Walker Level 1

              I would flatten the PSD (if that is your saved master file) then reduce the size to what you require the JPEG dimensions to be.
              Then Export As.
              What it seems (not knowing how you actually performed the steps you did) is that you are currently seeing is the entire PS file - when you cropped it you had DELETE CROPPED PIXELS unchecked in the control bar.

              As a rule I always reduce my file to the size I want to export before choosing Export As or Save for Web. If you take a massive document and try and Export or Save for Web then PS is very slow. Far better to resize before using either of those commands.
              To summarise:

              • make sure Delete Cropped Pixels is checked and crop
              • Flatten the file
              • Resize to the dimension you require
              • Export
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                mikefromoakland Level 1

                No just my pc

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                  mikefromoakland Level 1

                  It's a good work around no doubt .but I should be able to export using save as .but duplicating a rasterized file and shrinking the canvas is smart too ,might be a legacy export go to ?

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                    Stephen K Walker Level 1

                    Sorry, I thought you were Exporting to Jpeg - and not Saving to Jpeg.
                    Which version of PS are you using ?


                    The Redesign image export feature was introduced in CC 2015.

                    Save for Web is the legacy export.

                    If you are on CC 2015 or newer you should have a look at the Export function.


                    Save as also works of course - but once again I have always resized prior to using any of these options when my original is very large.

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                      mikefromoakland Level 1

                      i have tried the export function and quick export via layer window... the latest update is upto date my export hell was prevouse yesterdays ps update so the version is cc2017 but im not on photoshop right now ill post later if i can clear up the "hell"