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    Presets not carrying over all the way

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      Lately, I have noticed some issue in Lightroom (other than it being very slow).  I generally import images through PhotoMechanic, sort through them, determine which images I want to keep and delete the rest.  I then import these into Lightroom and select the option to have the auto develop settings.  After this, I go in the gridview, and select another preset from SLR lounge and apply that to all images.  This way, my pictures are 80% edited and i go through them one by one and tweak them some more.  However, since some time now, I noticed that the presets (SLR lounge) are only carrying over on a number of images, not all, while I made sure I have selected them all.  I have the feeling that it sometimes is 10 images, other times some more.  But it is a pain to go through them, thinking they have all been edited with the preset.


      I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue?  I am on the latest LR cc on a Windows 10 XPS15 9550, Intel core i7-6700HQ @2,60GHz, 16GB Ram.


      The only other article I found that has some of the same issues, is : Mass editing in Development Module is not working? , but that was 4 years ago and isn't solved yet.


      I haven't tried syncing the photo's after I preset one and sync over the others yet, as I then need to get into the nitty gritty to see on what the presets all work and it should work through the gridview.  (My catalog from a wedding I shot, is 1550 images).