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    greenflymedia Level 1

      I did something and I have no idea what I did..


      When I go to add text.. it's just this little dot... can't move my text size...

      I reset to default.. and nothing...

        and if I resize my resolution is on 1?

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            tmyusuf74 Level 3

            When you go to add text then press control (T) and resize your text then press enter. Even you face any problem then double click the layer one and unlock the layer.

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              greenflymedia Level 1

              look at the font size?????

              text 2.jpg

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                greenflymedia Level 1

                I think I figured it out..

                It has to do with the photo actions or something I did on new photos...

                New photos are and text are fine

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                  Eternal Warrior Level 4

                  Text can be boxed or "as is" (unboxed) in Photoshop.


                  If you simply click with the text tool you will only get a very small dot (as you have) and blinking cursor to type with... This is nothing to worry about.


                  This can still be moved around with the move tool (V) should you so wish... but you may find you need to click slightly further away from the dot to effectively move this.


                  The other text box method is to create boxed paragraph text... either by clicking and dragging a box out with the text tool selected... or converting text to paragraph text using Type > Convert to paragraph text.


                  In terms of text size this can either be controlled by selecting the layer and using the respective character and paragraph window options... OR.. by highlighting the desired text with the Type tool and using the options available at the top of the screen that then appear.


                  I hope this helps.






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                    terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

                    Your problem is that the size of text on screen depends on image resolution.


                    For example 72pt text by definition occupies 1 inch on the printed page, but this is different on your screen. If you have one image at 72dpi(which is really 72ppi pixels per inch) and another at 300dpi(300ppi) then 72 pt text will occupy 72 pixels at 72dpi, but 300 pixels at 300dpi and so looks bigger at a higher resolution providing the magnification is the same for both images. In other words point size is resolution dependent. The way round this is to use pixels as your unit for text size-that way the text size is independent of image resolution. It is an option within the 'Preference' panel


                    point size.png

                    tmyusuf74  is technically correct that you can 'transform' text, but it is a bad idea as the quality of the font outline gets affected. It's better if you can to use the keyboard shortcut ctrl-shift > (cmd-shift > on Macs) to increase text size or ctrl-shift < (cmd-shift <) to decrease size

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