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    photo's in stack not visible


      working in LR cc and windows 10

      recently when I work with plugins  (silver efex, perfectly clear.....) or open a LR  image in photoshop and save the images, I can see in the filmstrip that there's an extra image in the stack.   I know how the stack works but I cannot unfold the stack and open the image.  When I close LR and restart the program these images suddenly are available.

      I have two catalogs : one is working well and the other gives the problem as described.

      any idea what causes the trouble ?


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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Very likely there is a filter that doesn't match the hidden image. To troubleshoot, make sure the menu command Library > Enable Filters is unchecked (and yes, there is a keyboard shortcut).  When it is unchecked, can you now expand and collapse the stack and see all the photos in it?


          If that doesn't help, please post a full-resolution screenshot of the entire LR window.  That will usually give clues as to what's going on.