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    Switching documents in full-screen mode positions them very off-center


      With two or more documents open, and working in full screen mode (either one), with palettes on or off, ⌘` switching between documents results in the documents being positioned wildly off-center. If the canvas is big enough, it'll be partly off-screen. It also doesn't seem to scale linearly... increasing the height of a canvas by 600 pixels only results in a shift in position upward of ~150 pixels.


      This only happens on my external display, and isn't affected by changing the resolution. The horizontal resolution of the two displays is the same, as well, so it doesn't seem like it's using one display resolution to center for both of them.


      The documents will recenter if I first do ⌘0, (with a noticeable 'jump' while it zooms in) and then ⌘⌥0 to get back to actual size. I often switch back and forth between documents, though, and this is severely disrupting my workflow.


      Version: 20170425r.252


      Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.28.46 AM.png