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    Problem: I'm finding myself having to reset my settings file every time I open Photoshop because for some reason it'll choose to not click & drag


      Hey Folks,

      So as the title suggests, I'm having some real problems... I have to reset my settings file (ctrl + alt + Shift @ start) everytime I open Photoshop because it'll decide to just stop letting me click and drag.


      It'll decide to to it at random points during a project to, forcing me to save & reset.


      Has anyone come across this before? Is there a simple fix?


      Specs: Dell XPS 15 (9500)

      32GB Ram

      GTX 960m

      I7 6700HQ

      Windows ver. 1703

      Photoshop ver. 2017.1.1


      I can't crop, adjust sliders, fine tune colours, move layers, select any submenus.


      It's really starting to wind me up and I have no idea for a fix. I reset my settings file, I've uninstalled photoshop a couple of times and reinstalled with nothing working. I've only ever seen that 'synergy' is a cause of this problem, but I don't have that installed and never have.


      The problem seems to happen when I click out of photoshop and click back in. When I reset everything is fine, but if I leave the application and return that's when it seems to start giving me problems.