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    Edit over under 3D 360 footage in After Effects?

    Theojw71 Level 1

      Hi, I want to use After Effects' great tools for removing shadows and other artefacts from my video - however the files I want to edit and apply filters to, etc. are in Over Under stereoscopic format.


      Firstly, I want to remove shadows I cast of myself from my footage; secondly I have some filters and overlays I want to apply to the footage.


      I cannot see how I can tell AE where the left eye (top half) ends and the right eye (bottom half) begins, so I can edit both in tendem and get the result I want. I bought the Mettle Skybox Studio V2 but that doesn't seem to allow for this type of editing stereoscopically - unless I've miused something?


      I can't see how I can alter the rendering of these files to separate the left eye and right eye components to edit separately, either.


      Does anyone have experience of using AE or plugins and other software to allow me to manipulate stereoscopic video? Any recommendations welcome!