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    Javascript syntax error




      There is an issue with my javascript but having trouble identifying it.  The script is supposed to find and highlight words I want to react,  but must skip over anything that is already marked with overlaytext.


      This is what I have done so far ...

      - Using the "Actions" feature in Adobe I use the "Search & Remove" dialog to search for words I want to redact.

      - I then run the below JavaScript to highlight the words found in yellow



      var colHilite = ["CMYK",0,0, 1, 0]; // yellow

      var oDoc = event.target;


      var aAnnts = oDoc.getAnnots({sortBy:"Author"});

      for(var i=0;i<aAnnts.length;i++)




      if (aAnnts[i].type == "Redact") {                              


        if ((overlayText != "Overlay1") || (overlayText != "Overlay2")); // This line seems to be causing issues, Skip highlight over words that have been marked with overlay



          aAnnts[i].type = "Highlight";

          aAnnts[i].strokeColor = colHilite;






      Thanks in advance for your help !


      Karl Heinz Kremeryellowtry67