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    Fitted bounding box for tables is offset


      More often than not when I make a new table, the bounding box for a new table is offset. When I fit frame to content, the frame is about 0p3 to the left of the content, which really slows things down when I try to use the align tools.


      The screenshot below shows the "fitted" position of the bounding box. In order to get a true fit, I have to manually adjust the edges.

      Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.56.23 AM.png

      Is there something wrong with the settings, or is this just a glitch? It only happens with tables, and it's been happening with increasing frequency over the last few months. I'd rather find a solution than a workaround for this problem, I've been having to go into other files and copy tables that don't have this problem, then pasting and adding/deleting columns and rows to get what I need.


      I'm using the 2017.0 release of the CC, Build.