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    InDesign CS6 - Very slow to open


      We are looking at an issue for a client who is running a iMac (Late 2015)


      The Spec is:

      OS X EL Capitan  - 10.11.1

      3.3GHZ Intel Core i7

      16GB RAM (DDR3)

      Intel Iris Pro GFX 6200

      175Gb Free of 998.9GB (SATA DIsk)


      The problem is:


      When opening Indesign it is incredibly slow to open.  Timing it on a cold start (after reboot of Mac) it takes > 14 minutes to open.  Once the application has been open, if you close it and open it again then it is more like 30 - 60 seconds to open. 


      This is just launching the application itself, it is not opening a file.


      This cant be normal can it?


      I have so far tried creating a new user profile and things were "better" but not perfect.  About 4 mins to open first time and 30 secs there after


      Has anyone got any troubleshooting steps I can try?


      Application monitor shows no issue on CPU, Memory, Disk or Network?