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    inDesign - I cannot move items to other layers

    coldjtf Level 1

      Mac Yosemite 10.10.5, latest version of CC.


      Since updating to InDesign build I've an odd problem:


      I can't move an item from one layer to another - here's the workflow:


      2 layers in document


      2 items on page on the same layer


      Select one of the items and then click and hold on the 'dot' next to the corresponding layer in the layers pallet.


      Try to move it to the other layer.


      The dot doesn't move, and I get a system alert sound and the items stays where it is.


      The workaround is to cut the item, select the new layer, make sure that 'paste remembers layers' isn't selected, select the new layer and 'paste in place'.


      It's a real pain.


      It's the same on new or old documents, I've tried trashing prefs, restarts etc.


      I can move entire layers, and the layer isn't locked in any way.


      4 other installs of InDesign on identical Macs, don't exhibit the problem.