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    OLAP Queries with Different Measures

      I seem to be having a problem when I run multiple queries against one cube where one query looks at the default measure and the second looks at a different measure. The problem that I am having is that when I try to change the slicer on the first query (by changing a menu selection) after running the second query my dg showing the first query dissapears.

      Please see the code attached below. On the left hand side there is a tab labeled Run Queries which I have added to help with testing. You can build the cube and run my two queries using the buttons provided. Note that the "Filter Demand Query" button does nothing right now. Clicking "Demand Query" will return an aggregate of all of the forecasts in the OLAPDG in the Demand: Forecasts accordian pane. This part works fine.

      You can then change tabs to the Model tab, choose from the models in the tree and a slicer will change the dg accordingly by the selected model. The problem comes after running the next query. Click the Run Supply Query button. This runs a different query against the same cube but on another measure, the Inventory measure. The result is shown in a different dg in the Supply: On hand, In coming accordian. This query actually works fine.

      However, if you now flip back to the Demand: Forecasts accordian and dg and try to change the model in the tree, the whole content of the dg dissapears! What is going on? It seems to be related to the slicer used to switch measures because if I comment that out and instead keep the defualt measure, the problem goes away. What is weird is that these are separate query variables. Why does one affect the other? Please help!