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    cfajaxproxy Problem

      I'm having a problem with the cfajaxproxy tag. <cfajaxproxy cfc="siteName.siteComponents.componentName"

      The .cfc is found when the code is compiled. We use an external Apache web server and have multiple CF server instances installed. The URL to the .cfm page is https://serverName.lps.org/contextpath/siteName/cfmpage.cfm

      When the page is accessed from an external apache web server,the js created on the page is:
      <script type="text/javascript">
      var _cf_componentName=ColdFusion.AjaxProxy.init('/siteName/siteComponents/componentName.cfc', 'componentProxy');
      _cf_componentName.prototype.getInfo=function() { return ColdFusion.AjaxProxy.invoke(this, "getInfo", {});};

      When the request is made to the cfc, I get a 404 not found error. The request URL is https://servername.lps.org/siteName/siteComponents/componentName.cfc
      The context path is dropped from the URL, therefore the .cfc cannot be found.

      If the page is accessed using the internal web server using the port number, https://servername.lps.org:8000/contextpath/siteName/cfmpage.cfm, the js created on the page is:

      <script type="text/javascript">
      var _cf_componentName=ColdFusion.AjaxProxy.init('contextpath/siteName/siteComponents/componen tName.cfc','componentProxy');
      _cf_componentName.prototype.getInfo=function() { return ColdFusion.AjaxProxy.invoke(this, "getInfo", {});};

      The context path is added and the cfc is found.

      What could be causing this problem? Does anyone know how the url is built that is used by the proxy?