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    Getting a white screen on startup

    Speedpiano Level 1

      Dear all,


      I'm working on a project in Phonegap (using Angular & Ionic), which is coming along pretty well. Thing is, I've been testing and debugging using the chrome tools, but now that I load it inside of the Phonegap app or build is as APK, all I get to see is the HTML code that is worked away in the Index.html. In Chrome itself (even the browser version) it works perfectly fine.


      Here is my project:

      PHP-App/Phonegap at master · RobbinBaauw/PHP-App · GitHub


      I did actually test some things, and it seems like this happened because of me implementing the new(er) AngularJS component router. Since then it hasn't worked anymore.


      Hope you are able to help me out a bit, would appreciate it.